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the staining fluid was found in the optic disk around the lens on
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which are intended for the orbital cavity. He gives an account of
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supervened and death soon followed. Similar instances have been recorded
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trition or strength or the patient may become emaciated and debilitated.
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abdominal pain vomiting and sometinies great prostration may announce the
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leprosy relapsing fever and the diseases caused by protozoa the most import
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rine diabetes are experienced and sugar appears at intervals in the urine.
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tests may prove erviooabU First warm a portion of the deposit with some
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slirinking and shortening due robably to the muscular elasticity
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der of the occipital cortex with the exception of the cuneus.
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doses aforementioned to destroy the parasite. Later on in this paper I
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either of these places the circulation of the blood or of
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clustered acicular crystals of bilirubin hjcmatoidin. The presence of amoebte
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out of sixty six had tubercle bacilli under their finger nails.
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forgotten whenever digestion is impaired whenever there
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One of the best stimulants useful in the gravest of all
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in reflex self defense. Two of his victims I saw with him
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diminution in the quantity of haemoglobin and in the number of the red
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fluent and appears to form a membranous mass which may simulate diphtheria.
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cauliflower like. Ulceration may take place in any form of cancer and sloughing
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the gestures or the facial expression and responds thereto. It
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thf attack is often vcrv sudden hut sometimes it is foreshadowed by the
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character. Throughout the entire disease paroxysms of angina pectoris may be
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retracted the other side is enlarged the heart is displaced the vertebral
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rapidly destroyed in the same culture medium with the cholera
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night her blood was examined every few days for malarial parasites until
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showed a portion of skin the deeper parts of which were infiltrated
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mended where the patient seems to be suffering more from the local process
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Cerebral Rheumatism. It is chiefly in the subarachnoid network in the
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