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tion of the existing ametropia and continuous wearing of the
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leakage prevents overfilling of the left ventricle and probably prevents a fatal
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time so to be appointed as aforesaid transmit or deliver to the said
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without degenerative changes in tlie iris iridectomy gives satis
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The calculi after being formed in the pelvis of the kidney may remain
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In median nerve injuries the muscles supplied by the nerve are relaxed
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ous and arsenical.springs have been highly recommended but the thermal
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between the third and the tenth year in both boys and
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of new cells but without pus. Some degree of general catarrhal stomatitis is
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discomfort. If finally the body becomes firmly lodged the intestine begins
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form of the disorder. Armies especially have repeatedly been the victims of
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headaches etc. than men. An explanation of this is found in
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rarely reaches high grades. Cases in which the arteries capillaries and veins
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ments of sleep temper spirits energy intellectual power and other
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Sudden dilatation of the cavities may supervene and occasion extreme
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part of the heart muscle such as occurs transiently following
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putrefaction whicli find their way into the vesical cavity when proper cleanli
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cases which show no signs of recovery after four months treatment.
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ministered intravenously. On the morning of the 28th his condition was much
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herent to the thickened peritoneum and entangled between fibrous adhesions.
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with the titles of books pamphlets and magazine articles
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To aid ordinary physical examination special methods have been recom
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fluent form may sometimes resemble diphtheritic inflammation but close in
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Condition on admission to the Norfolk War Hospital ISfovember 1916
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Acute exacerbations of the disease can be temporarily relieved by the use
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When however the adhesions are firm and short the constant restraint offered
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culty in digesting albuminoids it is important to choose those which are most
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type in its anatomical and clinical aspects and not a disease distinct from

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