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Suppuration of the middle ear is often accompanied by
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administering concentrated solutions of Epsom salt or other salines before
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occurred after injections in the practice of such men as
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day the drug to be shaken up with mucilage. This treatment was
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five days old the child of very poor parents at my office.
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casts the latter both fine and coarse. The child died no
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face. One rapidly growing tumor the size of a small fist over
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posterior diameter of the anterior cham er the connective tissue
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the danger of permanent injury is great although sometimes no evil results
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barous yet the author pretends to have seen efficacious results.
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heart was demonstrated by the spurting of blood from the open
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was found were atrophy fatty degeneration suppurative and fibrous inflana
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idly disappear. Under such circumstances the staying power of the individ
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although primary suture had been done it was considered this had been a

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