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Dissertation of the said Medal executed in Bronze with an honorarium

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Treatment. The conditions which call for treatment are the morbid

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transplantation namely 1 When nerve suture is impossible 2 when

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cough no hsemoptyses no pulmonary symptoms no fever. There are no

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ally dilates or hypertrophy supervenes upon an existing dilatation. Pure

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that process to the antrum and the cells of the mastoid

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times fibrin sometimes mucoid matter and sometimes the plastic substance

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formed. In the course of the ulceration erosion of the walls of arterial

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acter. Metallic tinkling described by Laennec as a sound like that produced

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sonable objections to both these views and recent observations go

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from 17 by 9 millimetres by inch down to 2 by 1 millimetres

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of emphasizing the number of degrees of Fahrenheit as the

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the iris Avhere they are out of sight and out of reach.

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wounds than in cases of tumour or abscess favour this view. It may

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came on in the right eye two months before examination. When

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eiallv nanioil excessive dropsy great irregularity of the licart s action and

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the lungs and other viscera was often present. The pneumonia was followed

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anterior chamber is shallow. In cases of simple extraction

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semilunar ganglia and indistinctness and cloudiness of the ganglion cells.

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The patient is often uncomfortable except when lying on the right side and

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cavities in the wall stained with dark brown or iron rust pigment. The

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between the milder cases of this disease and those of severe catarrhal enteritis.

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Sometimes marantic thrombi form and pulmonary emboli resulting from

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origin. Benefit is often derived from such a combination as the following

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As the parotitis came on the ocular troubles disappeared. Schaf

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small quantity of this substance is normally present in human

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of the tissues did not find a great increase of mucin. This is

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ctuisidcration in explanation of epidemics of cholera. Pyogenic bacteria and

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circumscribed collection of fluid in the omental bursa or in the mesenterv.

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right sided exophthalmos. There M as no struma or palpitation.

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general pain with painful subcutaneous nodules. Sometimes the measles

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lent. Dr. Francis Huber published a case of otitic serous

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The tongue is coated and in many cases becomes brown and dry. Sordes

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be admissible until further notice to the First and Second Profes

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protection afforded by contracting the disease in utero 2 protection resulting

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of the exanthematous fevers and relapsing fever we have no positive infor

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generally obscured by the primary disease. There may be vague subjective

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hypermetropic refraction 7 with mixed astigmatism and 7 with

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The pathological changes in the bone marrow have been closely studied

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time after having passed the First Examination on producing satisfactory evidence

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Brought into normal blood or normal serum it at once swells up

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inflammation which is secondary to acute purulent otitis. The

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tation. This theory of a local infection accounts for persistent

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though the narrowing is the dominating condition. It is more frequent in

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DobossedofF i.. i s8 according to MaklakofF of Moscow Russia

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Fellows by whom they shall respectively have been nominated shall be published

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old mitral regurgitation during an intercurrent attack of influenza. They are

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that massage of the posterior extremities materially increases the

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patient must restrict considerably his usual exercise. Very frequently some of

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The increase in the consumption of alcohol is one of tlie principal

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existence of chemotactic processes. When one considers the tremendous num

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A case of probable infectious origin is related by Baginsky j.tL

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which presses upon the abdominal walls and contents and produces a mechani

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this affection however the pain seems superficial and even slight and pres

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great importance. The health is then seriously and progressively impaired.

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hospital cases. Now atrophy affects the mucous membrane

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The tendency of the effusion to reaccumulate is characteristic of this form of

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A leading article j f 2 favors in addition to the ordinary hygiene

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drawn through in its turn. Subsequently larger threads then cat

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The bacillus of red milk was found by BaginskyM nhi the

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excluding the existence of such affections as cancer dilatation ulcer and the

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The solution is prepared by mixing 12 parts of powdered borax

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liver and kidneys. The case is interesting as compared with the

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operations and when employed its use should especially in pro

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studied li many prominent histologists. The transformation of these nucle

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virulence down to complete loss may be produced according to the duration

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culation by increasing the flow of urine and by contracting the peripheral

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nnnd or as to require careful search for their detection.

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