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obtained by a perpendicular disk re olved by the action of a dental

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ganism found in blenorrhagia tuberculous meningitis and various

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variable and almost accidental changes nor do they throw any light upon the

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of the motor trigeminal segment unusually small pupils myosis

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riu lisonlcrs ol the lu rvous system that are dependent upon the arthritic

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and wait. No efforts at straining should be made. Very frequently after he

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College enrolled in our High Court of Chancery and also of other persons

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made frogs and rats highly susceptible to anthrax by narcosis with ether and

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portion of the mucous membrane whose nutrition has been interfered with.

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tations of visceral nervous disorder make their appearance. These phenomena

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take place in the skin as well as elsewhere. Xanthelasma has been observed

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to walk properly from childhood up to 32 years of age. She

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appear after the endocarditis is established is frequently septic in nature

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boracic acid stirring constantly. The solution should be filtered

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ground. 3. If visual hallucinations present the same phenomena

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peptone and hemi albumose have however each a significance entirely differ

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tinum might also be mistaken for pericarditis. In these cases however the

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urine. Making up a solution of pure urea 2 per cent. they

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metres in the flaccid state the prepuce rested half retracted over

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A sign of considerable value especially in deep seated aneurisms and in

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relieved by hypertrophy and increase of the cardiac power. It will be seen

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of inflammation present. In not a few recorded instances pain has been truly

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The invasion of the disease is often attended with vomiting less frequently

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The symptoms vary largely with the exact position of the lesion. When

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culosis cancer chronic heart disease scurvy and cachectic states in general.

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the duration of the attack 6 to attain these results the dose

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or bilateral according to tlie situation of the disease.

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estimate the clilorides by the nitrate of silver and neutral potas

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Intense hypercemia of the mucous membrane is a cause which may be included

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terior central convolution which unite below in the lid or operculum p.

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dren but it is frequently violent and furious and accompanied by a disposition

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the female that both sexes have the ocular signs more before than

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cate that certain articles of diet are specially and peculiarly injurious these

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Water and Earth. The typical bacteria occurring in these

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the ground. These bacilli especially those of tetanus are found also with

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importance because immediately adjacent cortical centers are in

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the cavities. Superficial pulsation was observed in Berthold s case but is

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to prevent the float adhering to the sides of the tube and thus

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pus through the incised wound can be facilitated by Polit

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especial mention on account of the great number and value of the specimens

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Comity and State Medicine to the section of State Medicine at tlie

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maybe unpleasant or painful sensations on mastication or deglutition and even

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reported however in which toxic symptoms ensued from the use of antiseptic

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spreading apart the normal tissue which seemed otherwise un

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by the lessening of pulmonary congestion. Pulmonary embolism gives rise to

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should be corrected by the administration of the bicarbonates of sodium or

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only in such a position that binocular vision was possible. The

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The recognition of goitre is usually easy and the condition is distinguished

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acid diathesis publishes the results of a number of observations

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Deviation. Garrigou Desarenes of Paris p describes a new

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editor Logetsclmikoff is credited with 287 cases of sclerotomy in

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demonstrated and the iudueuce if any which the Lymphatic Vessels

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the amount of suppuration. The greater the amount of suppuration the

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saves risk in these directions. Mayweg J in a case where one eye

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permanently their normal position. The author claims that this

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number of cases the abdomen becomes distended with fluid either ascitic from

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rior fossa of the skull. Not rarely lesions at the base of the

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sional Examinations for the Licence of this College together without

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similar processes. This seems to be the only reported case of like

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