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into the oesophagus. The prognosis in cicatricial contraction is more favorable

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becomes darker and upon heating assumes an intense black color

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contained much pelvic epithelium and consisted almost ex

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Diagnosis. Since the essential characteristic of this affection is disten

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The various cerebral phenomena such as headache vertigo hsemorrhage

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Heat which has already been referred to as a predisposing cause acts in

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This is another reason why Parrot came to the conclusion

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duction of satisfactory evidence as to education and examination.

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and here the general consensus of opinion was that alcohol cer

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he had been a mica dealer in Canada and accustomed since childhood to

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between flannel sheets but he should not be overburdened with excessive

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fat and favors putrefaction. Flatulence and constipation are present and

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number of problems still remain to be solved in this connection. The

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In the cases of most of the substances whose quality disagrees with tlie

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lesions are common incidents impotence is an early and almost universal

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considered under that heading. This parenchymatous degeneration or cloudy

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stroyed by 50 C. i 22 F. they do not absolutely advise against

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inelastic fibrous tissue gradually gives way before the intracardial pressure

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percentage of COg normal solutions were made use of. The following

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dissolved in cherry laurel water. Codeine may be used for this purpose in

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repeated applications of iodoform in the intervals.

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importance to examine the limb for evidence of injury to the peripheral

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pable with possibly a few exceptions of assimilating carbon dioxide but many

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warm water in which table salt or sea salt has been dis

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genital form of cataract. According to Maklakofi correspond

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the pharynx in bulbar palsy may extend to the oesophagus as well. Diphtheria

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Subjective symptoms referred to the heart are rarely absent. At first there

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size to exercise injurious pressure on neighboring structures but in a remark

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