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mentioning tlie remarkable differences seen in the inoculation of

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but a gradual return ensued to an astonishing degree of good general health.

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Clinically persistent fever especially with great oscillations of temperature

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thickened in some places thinned in others its surface coated with mucus or

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the latter is freely established just as the venous obstruc

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the gastric mucous membrane or anadenia. It presents symptoms somewhat

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dations not infrequently result and may be very large. Hsemorrhagic fluid

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in quantity or suppressed it contains albumin casts and blood its specific

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lectual power and other functions of the nervous system. 2. That

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boiled but merely heated to the point of boiling and then withdrawn from

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in the majority no serious nervous disorders seemed to mark

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contracted and the optic nerve becomes paler than usual. The

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Operation. The operative procedure may be considered under the

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Etiology. Notwithstanding most careful clinical study and thorough his

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for a great many cases of petit mal vertigo dream like

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Secretary Connecticut State Board of Health Neio Haven Conn.

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of sacs of distended iris tissue rather than like ordinary cystic

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may however occur without visible rupture. Aneurismal dilatation may

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amphtude on looking to his right the movements were smaller more rapid

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tration spreads extensively into adjacent coats causing fatty degeneration of

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the preseiuv of eholera baeilli. In other words the same infectious mate

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The cause is sought in disturbance of the nutrition of the lens

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resembling chocolate. The patient died five weeks after the operation and the

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instilled into it. After insertion of the cannula the lateral edges

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