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conjunctivitis and corneal ulcer in a woman of 30 who for fifteen

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considered violence an important etiological factor. He considered

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transmitted through the intervention of the nervous system and the circula

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Blackader of Montreal f and a number referred to in the dis

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only a slight tinnitus which is daily becoming less. The advan

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were exposed. Bryant insisted on the value ol bilateral ligation

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able that in the acute articidar form of rheumatism the cardiac localization of

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tions etiologically while the suppurative variety may have a different etiology

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anaemia and the existence of hypertrophy of the heart or characteristic

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causes mav operate or there may be a powerful etiological element found in

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from birth. The affection is extremely rare in young children. Hereditary

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Congenital Occlusion. B. Fraenkel of Berlin g reported a

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up by constantly giving the child to eat whatever indigestible article he chooses

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of serum according to the stage of the disease decidedly more favorable for

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or morphine are required as in true angina. The morphine is best given

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The prostration may finally be so extreme that the patient is compelled to

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take place in the skin as well as elsewhere. Xanthelasma has been observed

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was not rendered unconscious but had some transitory nausea.

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Every member of this Society unless honorary or retired

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for its sedative or analgesic or for its slight anti rheumatic

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left half of the abdomen. The abdominal swelling is usually tympanitic

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