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clusion that a tumor occupying a large part of the sur

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and on the various internal surfaces manifests the lodgment of small endjoli

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cirrhosis of the lung. Pressure upon the pulmonary artery and congenital

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frequently during the hours men are exposed on night duty.

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correspondingly grave. After the establishment of complete compensation the

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and along the spermatic cord. The testicle is frequently retracted. The urine

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Slight degrees of jaundice are not infrecjuent and may come and go with

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various palsies according to the location of the embolus and by the sudden

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the concha and the dressing is retained by a bandage. This dress

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tion a tendency to nausea and constipation and some abdominal discom

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the likelihood of paralysis of the vagus. Bulbar paralysis will be

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texture with a sharp well defined border. Chemical examination

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degeneration is rapidly developed. Among the poisonous agents which lead

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Age and sex exercise no decided predisposing influence but coronary disease

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sure rupture or suppuration. Usually there is but little disturbance of the

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spiritus setheris nitrosi or the tincture of ginger

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by gentle dilatation of the prepuce. Firm adhesion of the

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been exposed to the above had conditions of the throat similar to

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tive cells pursue their natural tendency to organize and localized thickening

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gain granules of pigment in the protoplasm they distend the

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surface of the skin. In older children and in adults he advises

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means that will prevent a considerable number of excitations from reaching the

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development of pigment. 3. That the differentiation of the layers

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Pharynx Qilsophagu. Larynx Trachea Thyroid Body Thyro lingual Duct.

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