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exposure. I append a typical experiment the technique employed being

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regular giant celled tubercles differing from tubercles caused by living bacilli

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Local causes of passive congestion may result from the pressure of tumors

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theory of Bunge is a very plausible one. He believes that inorganic iron

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Seiler lias devised a soothing and detergent solution which gives great

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the patient s attack of jaundice nearly twenty years previously.

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retina and finally to the lungs. The retina was exceedingly

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embryonal structure of the blood vessel walls. This dis

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and tenderness the advance of the exudation and is often to be determined

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thinks to thrombosis of the superior longitudinal sinus possibly

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symptom as Schiff had previously considered it. Babinski who has

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Saint George for services rendered in connexion with Military Operations in Italy. Dated

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The pericardium was found filled with blood a clot of nearly 2

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of the heart from insufficiency of nutrition while more decided coronary dis

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in the faeces made any difference or not was not determined.

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scarlet fever measles mumps. It is questionable whether there is any differ

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many cases to remove the child from the influence of continued hot weather.

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popular men complained of difficulty in seeing and of handling their arms

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Definition. 3besity is characterized by an excessive accumulation of fat

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before the insertion of the instrument will in many cases

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over considerable areas situated principally on the tongue lips cheeks gums

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or umbilical regions loss of appetite nausea vomiting and alternating con

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number of chronic cutaneous diseases which though occurring among patients

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well nourished and lived in the open country. Her previous

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with twenty grains of bicarbonate of potassium in four ounces of lemonade.

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have demonstrated that Galyl is efficient rapid and vrell tolerated.

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The coronary orifices may be occluded by atheromatous deposits or these vessels

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mouth piece merely penetrates the stopper so that at each inspiration air

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Britain and Ireland Queen Defender of the Faith To all to vvhom these

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oral causes often act by inducing local changes. Finally when all has been

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impeded by the muscular inactivity of a large part of the

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cine of Paris at its March meeting. Tlie coeloscope as it is

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Treatment. The patient must be placed absolutely at rest and restora

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following is a brief statement of the circumstances which have

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amyloid disease of other organs. Among these causes are prolonged suppura

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which pushes the mucous membrane before it toward the interior of the tube.

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portion of the right hypochondriac and a portion of the umbilical regions.

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tainly was a flictor of considerable importance in the production of

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mucosa resulting from the cutting off and occlusion of isolated glands. They

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urine. He is able to obtain the characteristic forms of crystalliza

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Fraenkel pf recommends framed sheets of glycerin gelatin

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two phthisical patients. They exhibited the results of one form

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The phvsical signs are sometimes obscure sometimes well marked. They

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layers also of the gastric wall may occur. Atrophy of the mucous membrane

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the hepatic ducts producing a cholangitis. The cholangitis when acute may

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of cerebral rheumatism delirium constitutes almost the only manifestation

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Etiology. Tubercular peritonitis is to be regarded as almost invariably

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men who had never reported sick were found with enlarged spleens

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as teaspoonful doses of the compound tincture of gentian of the tincture or

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Walker pig has modified the spring eye speculum. Tlie instru

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limb however the motor pyramidal tract as well as the sensory

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of the Sympathetic. The superior laryngeal nerves supply the mucous niem

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Jent discharge in cavities irith dense tcalls refers to purulent otitis

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as the swallowing of this fluid is interfered with. As the medulla

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always be remembered that no medication or other treatment at our disposal

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a converting action upon cane sugar 11 have more or less to do

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