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supplemented with gargles and sprays of a solution of boric acid the
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dilatation of the capillaries still evident. The capillaries of the glomeruli
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to exert themselves and yet many of them are not confined to bed.
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primitive chronic progressive fibrosis of the pleura and lung as in a majority
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cautery in periostitis of the mastoid process describes the employ
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followed by retraction and deformity of the chest and displacement of adja
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been present or has disappeared and under such circumstances is highly sig
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to correction by advancement of the superior rectus of the aftected
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development of granulation. In illustration of this he reports an
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bacterial products may increase susceptibility to some infectious organisms.
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ends should be brought together and united as soon as possible.
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A. Eulenburgjl says that a low electrical resistance is fre
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Buchner has given the name of alexins and Hankin that of defensive
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following resolutions 1. Druggists and manufacturers of chemical

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