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thyroid cartilage. The motor filaments of these branches of the pneumo

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specimens. The leucocytes will be classified and further described when we

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osseous tissue when there is no trace of it in the viscera.

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tion resembled in places eczema in other places syphilis with more

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solution were due to the sodium bicarbonate. Repetition however of

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made by dissolving menthol in alcohol. Lucae s double bag is

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ossification of the cranium and spurious meningocele.

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somewhat similar appearance may occur in urines containing little

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the patients make a perfectly good recovery. Resolution requires a longer

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chosen Members of the Council of the said College shall no longer have

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very liable to develop. It is marked by cold clammy cyanosed skin sinking

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annual meeting shall be held on the third Wednesday in April

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of experiments upon animals he shows that nystagmus follows

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the early stages of fibrous hepatitis. Those which are present as epigastric

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The diaphysis is usually bent. Semi fractures take place

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corrected by similar sharp abrupt jerks. It is important in support of

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lesion is found in permanent and decided enlargement of the turbinated

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The Plasmodia malarise may be studied in dried specimens stained with

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muscular fibres and by inflammation of the pericardium or endocardium.

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tion. These are b far the commonest athological conditions discovered at

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post mortem distinct hyperplasia of the lymphatic follicles especially the soli

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the neighborhood of the tube as from tubercular lymphatic glands or caries

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and tissues offer more favorable conditions for the life of certain organ

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ically for the parasites or their eggs. Secondary anaemia consequent on pul

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originating from them are involved in the morbid process.

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affections in diabetes and allied conditions are worthy of study

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