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the spleen. Typical myelocytes are sometimes found and large finely
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parently perfectly healthy children may be attacked. At the same time it is
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wounded but not opened there was a clot in the wound and a
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virtue of its frequent association with disease of the digestive organs and
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stomatitis or the action of some infection of unknown nature since no specific
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rheumatism present many points of clinical resemblance and also the fact that
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nations must be made in varying conditions of tranquil or excited cardiac
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a condition difficult to recognize under ordinary circumstances the
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practice and hypertrophies of the turbinates have been quite
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discovered among the predisposing causes of chronic rheumatism though gon
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The Dissertations for the Jacksonian Prize for the ensuing year 1906 must be
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ing or cerebral involvement especially if these have not yielded to
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been acquiesced in not only without dissent but often with expres
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evidence for tetanus. They interpret these results as in support of the doctrine
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The ruptiuv is generally transvei se and is most frequently found just
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was consolidated large and red. The walls of the air spaces were thickened.
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myelitis chorea catalepsy epilepsy contractures also idi

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