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the recollection of these early difficulties which when success came

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careous salts. Many things however in this connection remain yet unex

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In a case of monocular colohoma of the choroid in which there

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free oxygen while in that which had been standing for some days

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ful although probably two thirds of the vitreous were lost and the

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arm. Strong pressure with the healthy hand may excite a similar

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Later it becomes dry and the surface brown and cracked.

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motion of the existing cells and secondly so called karyokincsis

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sis less definitely grave. Cases are recorded where the exudation in su posed

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Although in some instances the disease whether faucial or pharyngeal or

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Semen s celebrated inquiry into the transformation of benig


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water serving as a gasometer. This collecting cylinder may be graduated in

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Etiolog y. An attack of acute phthisis may follow some previous tuber

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unequal in 27.6 per cent. Mydriasis was more frequent in tlie

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from the time an HolU appointed for holding such Court.

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volume of a nearly saturated solution of borax and boracic acid.

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tubercular ulceration or rarely catarrhal ul eratiou may produce it.

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called traumatic keratalgla. He thinks that the interesting

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The growth is nearly always a squamous epithelioma which is oftenest

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demonstrate specific poisons in certain culture media such poisons or different

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puris coagulates like serum all umin. Again if the suspected sediment is

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assisted by the use of emetics of ipecacuanha or turpeth mineral. Potassium

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gether. No treatment is necessary except to relieve disturbances o digestion

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