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mission of tuberculosis by the agency of house flies an important

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are growths of new connective tissue partly filling them. In the peribron

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for these observations in tliat the oxidation of the sulphur com

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nounced tremor and greater difficulty in movement of the head and trunk

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larged tonsils resected and hypertrophy of the mucous

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a reason for attempting to reconcile the chemical and biological

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years it is sometimes relieved or disappears altogether upon the occurrence

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the ITedical Eegister by order of the General Medical Council

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If unfortunately the heart becomes involved a continuance of absolute

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removed and adenoid vegetations destroyed. This latter process

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physical properties solubility therapeutic applications administration and chem

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N arious chemical sid stances introduced into the body such as lactic acid

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found congenital phimosis 11 times. In the same way the

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of acute nephritis. The amount of urea uric acid and phosphoric

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strophanthus. A very good combination is 5 grains of potassium iodide 1

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each segment and irregularly alternating may be seen a slight prominence or

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progresses rapidly and the disease is terminated within eighteen months or

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of reinfection is so great that persons are sometimes infested for years.

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tents of which have undergone putrid change or with an empyema discharg

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tem of the Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital New York.

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In panophthalmitis where enucleation has been done as well

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