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tion of finely powdered boric acid and instillations of solutions of

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Stomach dilatation secondary continued. Stomach hyperacidity of continued.

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The disordered state of the nrculatio leads to constant congestion of the

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the method at all or have actually opposed it. Besides the reports

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direction of the canal almost horizontal. In the fcEtus the

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ciation that we venture to quote the concluding paragraphs

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occasion a non leuk mic child. That heredity however plays some part is

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Tlnssen jjlo reports a case with well marked lu redity cured in two

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the Licence in Dental Surgery should be held quarterly as in the

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forming the source of the anomalous condition require

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posteriorly can be demonstrated. In cases characterized by thin clear sputum

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intestines. In the same cases there may be violent vomiting and hfemor

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saproph tic but which is cai aljle of a parasitic existence. A facultative

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complied with the provisions hereinbefore contained respecting the Notice Fellows by

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leucocytosis occurring after meals and in pregnancy and a pathological

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Subsequent Becovery. The pathological lesion in these cases is usually one

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the sense of suffocation is intense and orthopnoea appears. In the early stages

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sional complications. Parotitis and venous thrombosis sometimes occur.

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uundnM of unsolved problems. We nnist forego a further consideration of the

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diluted. In those early times I knew only that the baby

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of his investigation on the claims of Freire of Brazil and Carmona

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dissociation and partly to dysmetria. That it is often voluntary there can

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glossal nucleus is situated in the lowermost portion of the fourth ventricle

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pulmonary consumption is a frequent complication and death soon terminates

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in the occipital lobe. Bernhardt s patient o suftered from a rail

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of the third tonsil of whom 62 had impaired hearing a number

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That this Meeting considers the reply of the Council to tho

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Hopmann performed laryngo fissure and cauterized the ulcerations

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delirium tremens or melancholia accompanied by delusions of persecution

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of the large intestines or others who suffer from pro

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In the mean time however irremediable damage to the patient may have

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tlie temperature during the period selected ranged from 92 F to

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done. S Great difficulty in breathing through the nose asthma being

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Jacksonian epilepsy when examined postmortem exhibited

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Definition. The result of mechanical obstruction to the outflow of blood

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of the pharynx. The removal of the pseudo membrane and the application of

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gastrostomy by Delassus p je which has given occasion to some very

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periosteal scraper or other similar instrument with the view of

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separates from the optic tract toward the middle line and takes a

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mothorax e Pulmonary tuberculosis this is by far the most common

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object of its employment is to cause absorption of infiammatory

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The Treatment of Bunions. Wash the feet with soap and

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cision. The brain surface was pale and flattened and the

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The affected muscles do not often exhibit any visible changes. When

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mine in what cases and at what time operative interference shoidd be made.

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volved. The tongue fills the buccal cavity and even protrudes beyond the lips

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permanently their normal position. The author claims that this

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In desperate cases however the distress is so extreme that morphine is

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some years ago seeing a leading gynaecologist perform a laparotomy for an

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from its rule of abstaining from interference in questions relating

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