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attitudes are observed the head and the eyes are turned in the same

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upper free edge rapidly assumes the appearance of a narrow yellowish line

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been employed but all without permanent success. Marked diffi

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coexist. The presence of chronic enlargement sometimes acts as a predisposing

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organ is to a large extent destroyed. The transverse diameter is much

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results of a study of phosphaturia following chronic gonorrhoea in

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centres or nerve endings. He recommends the electric current

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give an interesting review of the elaborate statistical survey of the

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acute catarrhal laryngitis Moure v. J a concludes that the hoarse

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rence took place in about a month when the scraping was repeated

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sparrows for his anatomical studies upon account of the high devel

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few days the tenderness may remain for weeks. The tumor tends to become

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whichever preparation is selected the dose should be from ten to fifteen grains

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true that they are generally both relatively and absolutely increased this is by

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being experienced her nostrils were found to contain live larvae of

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Reidji Jias made a microscopic study of a subconjunctival

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by the swallowing of ice and by its application to the epigastrium combined

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The prognosis is unfavorable. Difficulty in deglutition may

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Of neoplasms sarcoma cancer lymphadenoma and myxolipoma have

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Illustrations to this article are so good that they are reproduced.

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to age from two to twelve years into and through the

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of the proper means for preventing it 2 to request the examiners

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bodies. In closing Vircliow made reference to the great practical

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tains by Reimers No.7 and a number of interesting facts were brought

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by means of a single suture. The advantage claimed for the opera

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instances chiefly upon the presence of adenoid growths of the pharynx. The

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ing of success only from the use of antisyphilitic measures in the

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occurs as the result of lesions dividing or completely destroying the recurrent

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sation with physicians and surgeons shows the existence of many unreported

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ministration of the compound tincture of iodine or the syrup of the iodide

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casts are occasionally seen in it. Delirium may occur especially in chiklivu.

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ed there is difficult deglutition and irritation of

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rate of excretion rises and falls with the exacerbations of fever. In acute

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eosinophilous cells w ere increased in the disease clinicians went astray in

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drachms of scales shed by a patient in one day Quinquaud

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stages of the disease cedematous and dropsical. These conditions are not

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When the evidence of failing heart power becomes marked the patient must

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and give rise to no symptoms. In other cases the tumors become much

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There may be headache and vertigo. The patient is likely to be irritable

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clinical value. They may be rapidly decomposed in the blood and be found

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The cholera spirillum is the most susceptible of all known bacteria to

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neously leaving the tonsil deeply excavated and granulating. In

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of malpractice negligence and misconduct and whenever a jirimd

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structure of these neighboring glands will be changed.

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peritoneum omentum or mesentery may be felt. The absence of evidence of

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area and by careful physical examination of the heart. A sacculated pyo

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has reported a case of some similarity where a fistula existed

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subject finds himself compelled by chilliness and fever to seek an uneasy

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the last being the most prevalent. In both the first and second

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whitish patches of sclerosis some of which doubtless followed acute endocardi

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nerves hypoglossal vago accessory and glossopharyngeal and

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mological Society corresponding editor in reporting upon the

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