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and appeared as if developed from five foci along the nerve

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these cases fatty degeneration fatty infiltration or fibroid overgrowth is com

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ordinary employment. A gastrodiaphane was invented and used by Einhorn.

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Female Pelvis and Foutal Head Obstetrical Table Diet List for Various Dis

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murs but it is usually impossible to distinguish this murmur from that of

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nutritive organs as is the case with many epitheliomata. It is

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action of the muscles of speech in spite of preservation of the

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demonstrate the presence of guanidine in human urine by the

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resist specific treatment in a marked degree but they show a strong

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preference of the combined method should be carefully weighed

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anaemia apparently when the waste of hfemoglobin is in excess of

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Perforation with general or localized peritonitis or with fistulous openings

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along the papillae nervi optici and the zonular fissures. Much will

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CoUcge shall from time to time think proper to appoint. Dental Surgery.

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Diagnosis. Cylindrical bronchiectasis in its ordinary form cannot be

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the doses of antipyrin is usually better tolerated than the

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ance. Food must be chosen which makes sufficient waste without producing

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frontal sinuses abscess in the ethmoidal sinus and a most interest

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in check bacterial growth and this property is utilized in preserving foods by

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cedure are discussed. The method of operation and after treatment

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potassium. An excellent preparation for this purpose and for the regulation

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The motor centres for muscles of the limbs of the opposite side

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the subcutaneous tissue nothing below the rete mucosum or pa

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