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the mucous membranes and glands are found to be atrophied.

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Secretary. Proposed by Sir Launcelotte Gubbins and seconded by Sir A. Sloggett that

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all possible diseases of the brain without reference to the situation

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an element of danger from the subsequent infection of the kidneys.

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sometimes considerably inflamed. Occasionally the palmar aponeurosis under

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slurred indistinct and scanning character results from the imperfect

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of the heart may be found enormously dilated and murmurs of valvular

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axillary region and as the effusion increases is replaced by dulness which

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improper quality of the food taken must all be guarded against. Every care

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the administration of bismuth bismuth and morphine hydrocyanic acid

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Diagnosis. Some cases are entirely latent and could only be discovered

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erysipelas. Haemorrhage in most of these diseases is not common and only

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emissions found on his clothing contained mucus but no sperma

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any preference of being admitted Examiners of the said College before

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by marked nervous depression or pulmonary complications it has

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transport rays of light to its extremity without radiation of heat

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cheeks now and then a slight muscular twitching now

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matory product than they do in the lungs of adults.

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