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of emptying any purulent accumulations. The pigment patches

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palate oesophagus anus genitals or extremities may occur. Haemorrhage is

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the most toxic and dangerous and that it alone produces the

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nosis the sudden occurrence of paralytic symptoms referable to

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comes early and disappears quickly. Ekkert Mlj4bas recently studied

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urates soluble at ordinary temperatures. A dense urine kept long enough to

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eases chararterizcHl by retardation of the processes of nutrition.

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potassium iodide vision improved and the movements of the globe

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Congestion of the liver leads to enlargement of that organ so that its

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interstitial myocarditis is present the infrequency may become even more

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of original facts will be considered principal points of excellence recited cases to

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done but little can be expected from local measures. Rigid attention is

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There is sometimes a copious secretion of pale urine before a paroxysm

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bubbles by an apparatus so arranged that it can be easily managed

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the thyroid gland and consequent upon this are developed the symp

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this irregular infiltration the wall of the bronchus yields here and there and

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and when the secretion accumulates slight impairment of resonance at the basest

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