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planus says that the papule at first shows itself by inflammatory

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inoculation as the pure cultures of the bacillus itself Zarniko

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of the cerebellum is manifested in moderating the voluntary impulse and

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and a gradually decreasing cough with diminishing expectoration is left. In

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stomatitis nor present the complex of symptoms of aphthae. These ulcers

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tinal discharges of a case of typhoid fever by Marchand. It is somewhat

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Diagnosis. The disease must be distinguished from appendicitis and the

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cardiac and general bodily power is so much depressed that active stimulation

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Tubercle bacilli are found in the urine with tubercular inflammation of the

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grayish black tumor of the septum. The growth upon removal

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from elsewhere can only be determined by carefully excluding all such con

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Acute bulbar myelitis is extremely rare and occurs principally

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