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side becomes red and oedematous the corresponding thigh is kept flexed and
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may be empty or filled with remnants of hyaline epithelium. The epithelial
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alterative remedies have been employed such as mineral acids salicylate
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in consequence of the traction of the sound lung. The pulmonary tissue
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always develops slowly and pain and a sense of contraction in the
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tration may be continued as in pancreatic haemorrhage into the peripancreatic
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not be the case in Centres established by the University of London
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rate. This table shows the death rate from 1871 to 1878 and
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To us the most important functional variations relate to alterations of viru
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urine other than sugar first breaking up the sugar by fermenta
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applied with care or the ulceration produced may be more entensive than
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tal Surgery. period and shall conduct tlie examinations in such manner and shall

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