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Prognosis and Course. The symptoms described may persist for a few
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refers also to tlie case of anosmia followed by a complete recovery
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it is the usual form of aralysis in hysterical aphonia. The laryngoscope
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diate and correct treatment. They are so many some of
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principally conditioned by fatty degeneration of the vascular walls.
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ataxia depend upon spasm of the glottis which causes severe sometimes very
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of secretion and its accumulation in the nasal cavities is largely fulfilled
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the action they had taken in this matter and warmly appreciated
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cult to examine the pelvis satisfactorily the sacrum may
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Price Extra Cloth or Oilcloth for the dissection room 2.00 net.
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while the air cells communicating with plugged bronchi escape distension those
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in instances related by Overlach of Franklbrt on the Main. ftLs
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excitement and masturbation in the youngest infants. Head
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of commencement of post mortem rigidity was seven hours the

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