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Circumscribed tubercular peritonitis not infrequently exists limited to the

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close indeed with the action of mineral poisons such as phosphorus

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in number like those of a pure culture Fig. 65. Inoculation experiments

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specific gravity signifies diabetes insipidus a chronic productive nephritis or

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in the heatl and if the face becomes deeply congested. Patients who suffer

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cases to resist for a long time decomposition by the same acid. A

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of protracted asphyxia of the newborn albumin will be

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laryngeal exudate by means of sprays are not often successful and direct

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and even absent from the exposed surface M hen present in the depth.

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reflex excitabihty of postural contraction is low or when what Langelaan

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general venous congestion established. It must not be forgotten in such cases

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ing of success only from the use of antisyphilitic measures in the

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the periphery and also the central part and so slight that tliey are

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pact account can be recommended than the Bowman lecture of

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ates which contain crystals of haemotoidin. They are the

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been found to be covered with tubercular bacilli more so

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seeds are employed by the natives in the cure of cutaneous diseases.

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the nostril opened during examination. The part principally at

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capacity they should avoid the other. If asked to appear as a

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pigment in the large hyaline and polymorphonuclear cells. This occurrence

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a scirrhous grayish aspect. Left without treatment the lesions

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Honorary Fellow shall have and enjoy such of the other Corporate rights

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flame for a few moments being very careful not to bum it

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upper free edge rapidly assumes the appearance of a narrow yellowish line

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haemorrhages but no recent extravasations. The vitreous was

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A desideratum as yet only imperfectly attained is a method of obtaining

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mended by Politzer Rosengarten Wolf and others is pilocarpine.

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in a girl of seven one of eleven years. Both recovered.

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venous obstruction may follow pylephlebitis pressure of a tumor upon the

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