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loss of the sense of hearing. The pupils become contracted and

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ism in our government. There is no country in the world

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It can do little m late and neglected cases. One often sees hopelessly

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recognized by the existence of pulsation and tumor extending far above the

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nine. Thus a double stain of the gonococcus may be obtained

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weight alone is not the measure for healthy and steady

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atypical often high temperature. Slight jaundice may be present and pains in

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certain cases the mechanism of bacterio tlierapy and may fore

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oculomotor is paralyzed upon the same side as the lesion.

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variegated appearance in consequence of secondary changes. Fatty degenera

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by zones of peribronchial pneumonia. In some of the small bronchi there

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each part of the aural apparatus in measles lie finds general

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oulv justitiablc but also advisable to remove them when the diagnosis can

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If the patient be of fairly good strength more active purgation results

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tubercular disease. In such cases the solution and rem jval of phosphatic salts

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become factors in hay fever and asthma however unless there be

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cations. It should be smeared on at night and allowed to remain

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alkaline copper solution first and bring it to the boiling point before adding

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valve is competent but these conditions reach their maximum after the estab


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Symptoms. There are no symptoms absolutely characteristic of an active

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Professor of Physiology Johns Hopkins l. nivcrsity.

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three weeks. In the epidemic cases the duration is very variable. In the

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relieved the dose of opium should be continued only at such intervals as

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Of much more frequent occurrence are the cases in which the invasion

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are very uncommon. Rupture into the retro peritoneal cavity may take place.

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or myomalacia has also been applied to this condition. Sometimes the walls

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of the corresponding under surface of the diaphragm is injected dull opaque

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preferred as a preparatory operation to be succeeded by an iridect

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moderate doses are sometimes beneficial in such cases but in many instances

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may be taken as what might be termed the expectation of improvement.

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eral manifestation is sometimes witnessed. The articulations of the cervical

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may be worth our while to spend a few minutes in the

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which have been overdosed in this way circulatory failure occurring very

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last resource. These cases should have been sent to this department for

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sesthesia often so exquisite that the touch of a probe will instantly excite

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numerous amoebae of histolytica type. In the treatment of this class the best

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Most of the cases of floating kidneys occurring in children

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