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cult. Latent forms of the disease may be suspected when the teeth appear

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Treatment. The conditions which call for treatment are the morbid

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has extended and if a certain amount of natural reparation of tlie

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in extension and flexion of the forearm. It may be consequently assumed

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solved constituents such as albumin and sugar as well as for organized

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finally assume the character of small abscesses scattered through the substance

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ant to distinguish between the ulcers of malignant endocarditis occurring on

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Formerly myocarditis was considered a rare disease and this is doubtless

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maternal public. They do not insist any more as they did

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observable. The changes which are most characteristic are a marked obli iuity

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necessary to expel the worms from the small intestine. Magnesium sulphate

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mitted rays. Unlike a number of other observers Pollak is unable

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turbation both may be of the sam e central origin. They

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white specks spots or streaks the fat necrosis of Balser. The pancreatic

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diabetes. It has been maintained that minor forms of glycosuria are depend

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through the circulating blood or lymph. The occurrence of peritonitis in

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The essential and constant lesion is a productive inflammation of the walls

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tion is rendered still more probable by the alarming consequences that fre

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the mucous membrane is kept in a healthy condition. In

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mucous and the muscular tissues become greatly hypertrophied.

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There are other causes which may bring about a fatal cficct chief

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Persons whose lives are sedentary must in some manner take a moderate

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the sexual system during the early years of manliood come out

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Very important modifications of the urine are however of ordinary occur

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ently in good health are attacked without warning by convulsions coma delir

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forbade the customary mode of administration. It is rendered sufficiently sol

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tension. The first sound of the heart is comparatively weak and when the

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is a strongly predisposing factor. The disease is sometimes congenital and

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my opinion of clitoridectomy is also valid in regard to

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endocardial disease arises wdien traumatic lesions have been unaccompanied

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quent than increase cataract formation often coinciding with the

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depend upon some nervous influence such as fright hysteria and hypochon

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contimie for a number of months the inflammation then subside and the

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branous inflammation of the oesophagus is of bad augury.

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