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vulgaris 5 cases of tinea tonsurans and 1 case of parasitic

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the only centripetal way of the reflex of sneezing. 3. Sneezing

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inner border of the cornea the capsule being further attached by

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proilispose them str Migly to arterio sclerosis and myocardial disease and the

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deal with a spontaneously or artificially affected membrane but

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appearance of the patient being in the one instance tense and

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the loss of flesh and strength are much more rapid.

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orbit the optic nerve and eyeball being found free from disease.

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Cones j 25 reports a case of post inortem sweating which he

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contains even in its normal condition a large number of mi

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of digitalis might favor a fatal rupture of the heart. When uneasiness is

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consolidations of the anterior margins of the left lung localized pleural effu

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secondarily affected while others maintain that the changes begin as a degene

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Treatment. The treatment must be directed to the restoration of the

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deposit of urates and fermentative or decomposition products

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exjxM iences the gouty paroxysm with typical intensity. The severity of the

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with the still unstained portions of white sclerotic.

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Pyocyanin and its derivatives are the coloring principles in the cultures of this

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relief of corneal tension in the graver inflammations of that mem

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present it may be treated as mentioned in the consideration of that subject.

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stomach. Sometimes the large amount of food in the oesophagus produces pres

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thinks that at tlie entrance examination of vision it is absolutely

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calcified projections at the orifice. Not rarely a certain amount of stenosis

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trachoma. Although the proceeding may appear to be very bar

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and Taxes. This last decrease arises in consequence of the recent

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inflamed joint may be kept moist with hot whiskey and water applied upon

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No separable capsule existed but a condensation of the fibrous

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b Klies. The changes in these structures consist of marked increase in the

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This proposal was welcomed by the Authorities in Egypt and

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purpura pemphigus urticaria xanthelasma lichen etc. Herpes has also been

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disease. His observations agree wdth those of Fritsche and Seifert

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When the cranium is sunk in in one or more places for

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An American Surgeon of wide experience in a paper entitled

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The earlier subjective symptoms are much the same in the two varieties.

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eonimon but may result from obstruction due to catarrhal inflammation of the

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of Boston A oin the same connection alluded to necrosis which he

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liver and kidneys. In consequence of Harrison s groove

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duct it gives rise to persistent and progressive jaundice. In time the ducts

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make remarkable alterations in the position of the whole stomach which has

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ease was recovered from in about ten days but when accompanied

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hepatization of ordinary exudative type. There are adhesions between the

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cases a careful physical examination of the chest may reveal partial indica

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a neuritis. The symmetry of the patches however was curious.

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cells and karvokinetic figures occur in the bone marrow. Similar cells had

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