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The exophthalmos gives the patient a peculiarly repulsive appearance.
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a suppurative inflammation around the gall bladder or common or cystic duct
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instance of the successful removal of a piece of steel from the
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trict as soon as may be make such disbursements as may be
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this class in special establishments where they may be treat d for
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portal obstruction is never sufficient to produce enlargement of the spleen or
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more gradual and the temperature is not nuich elevated. In both of these
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To render this method of treatment effective it is necessary to reduce the
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that the muscles of the soft palate are supplied by the portio dura.
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A moderate degree of insusceptibility to the specific poisons of bacteria
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no clinical manifestations of the disease had been present.
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proposed institution by the College of a Medical School.
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The cost of adding another storey to the front portion of the
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fixed with forceps. The section is made with Graefe s knife
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