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trolled. The internal use of mercury in small doses preferably in the form
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Valudejuyhas successfully tried Gama Pinto s operation for
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from an incomplete and improper adaptation of fillings and plates.
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tal malformations and functional obstruction usually produce symptoms of
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variations of temperature and by modifications of the electric barometric
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the presence of Klebs Loeffler bacilli would settle its diphtheritic nature.
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pyo pneumothorax the signs of which are usually obvious.
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If the catarrhal inflammation of the gall bladder be associated with obstruc
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duce a superficial glossitis which is chronic from the outset. Chronic alcohol
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the further equal amounts of H2SO4 and of NaoCOg forming the required
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Various methods proposed for dir gt ct mensuration of the stomach are not
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priHluced than permanent variations in form. With our present crude classi
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Tumors. Clieever of Boston removed a round cell sarcoma
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frequently described as occurring in the mouth. It is a question whether in
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of five members. No business shall be introduced at a special
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Among the constitutional causes are exposure to extreme cold or undue
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measure the amount of lateral deviation of the eye.
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and electrical treatment the fingers of the right hand had become stiff and
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Each Candidate will be examined orally upon any of the subjects included in
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by means of a lancet introduced peripherally. After having killed
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too is particularly difficult in cases of intestinal obstruction complicated by
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todera stercoralis vel intestinalis Angulilula stercoralis.
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rise to a sense of fulness and weight in the right hypochondriuni.
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ingitis as a complication is shown by the result obtained by a
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If the congestion follows injuries or surgical operations the urine is dimin
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more or less viscid opaque gray cellular exudation be seen on its surface.
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and to avoid recurring attacks of acute catarrh. The patient must be
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rism may occasion a sudden and extensive hsematoma.
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of the tissues of the newborn even in strongly alkaline
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with luxation are detailed as secondary to invasion of the ciliary
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dium and often also palpitation of the heart. The face becomes
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main connected with one another by means of living matter the
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mania was synonymous with habitual drinking or that habitual
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believing that the eye is usually aseptic and eye instruments fairly
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them as are found in the pseudo leukaemia of Hodgkin. In pure lymphatic
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vessels were found. Although the bleeding ceased spontaneously
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of domestic infelicity coupled with a desire to transfer her affec
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test by determining how long the reaction persists. In healthy persons he

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