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convenient instrument than that of Bellocq. The ready method of Levis

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obtained in Wood Engraving and the microscopical style is

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as cough mixtures. The mineral acids nux vomica or strychnine and potas

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preparations both of the human body and of inferior animals. No

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being credited to each inhabitant while Russia and Denmark

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out the great frequency of valvular disease during and after the troublous times

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ment of the affection. He believes in the theory of Kneiss and

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employ cocaine and cliloroform only for children. Before operation

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series of papers on alcohol the publication of which has extended

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Microscopic examination of the cerebral cortex shows that in the cortical

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of the method as all but 15 per cent appeared to have gained

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dark circle. The author supposes these cases to be similar to the

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names of the Fellows by whom they shall respectively be so nominated to

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impregnating and leads to distention of the uterus with eggs. The ultimate

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sults of the sudden changes from foetal to post natal circu

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Morbid Anatomy. The essential feature of fibrous hepatitis is the exces

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tion fibers and the commissural fibers. If however a lesion occurs

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boeonie anaeinie gray white or yellowish in color and is irregularly wedge

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epithelial surface by these uratic deposits. Nor is it likely be

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apathy somnolence and disorders of equilibration and in the more delicate

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across the hamstring tendons behind the normal knee he can generally feel

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tion for a body even though small enough to be readily expelled

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duced by the higher plants. The chief impulse to the study of bacterial

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As to the treatment of the affection which is apparently much

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more or less granular losing their customary striated appearance and finally

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portion of the tympanum. Tlie patient suffered from epilcptilbrm

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The patient at once grows pale breaks into profuse perspiration and may

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sudden destruction of valvular segments by traumatism a fatal issue is fre

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If none of these measures succeed within forty eight hours operative inter

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explanation of the frequency of angina pectoris in diseases of the aorta and

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which always corresponded in duration and intensity with the

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asserts that though not much of importance can be added to

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The current numbers of the Journals are displayed on tables down the middle

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