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A case of lympho sarcoma of the pharynx is reported by
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Part IT. For re examination in Surgery including Pathology Surgical
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majority vote and without previous notice the substance of
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solution of potassium permanganate. The test tube is agitated for
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secondly a fibroid degeneration of the stroma of the organ or a
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movements must be therefore accepted as a symptom of cerebellar disease
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negative influence of extcrnul and internal treatment. The erythema
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deformed by rachitic curvature of the long bones. Knock knees bow legs
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mission of pneumonia from tlie mother to the foetus in man and
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most often found. The growth is rapidly extended from the starting point by
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of this and by their circular shape indicate their original source.
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is certainly inconclusive that the healthy child of a syphilitic father and a
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lesions over the trunk and limbs. The palms soles and mucous
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solutions of nitrate of silver or even the material in substance
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This term has been frequently employed to indicate an actual condition of
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retention there of irritating ftecal matter. Normally the appendix is closed
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pations in whicli no predilection to the trouble was afforded such as
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Definition. An inflammatory affection of the oral mucous membrane
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pancreatic duct. Alcohol acts as a predisposing rather than as an exciting
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cles disseminated in the neighborhood it is surrounded by
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between the pericardium and the pleura and chest wall and in some cases
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nerves they are often dependent upon peripheral neuritis that is excited by
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the end of the first week of typhoid when it probably depends
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idea will be further developed during the next malarial season. Further
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weights successively in the one hand he gave the following replies
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been a tooth this being rendered possible by its loose attachment.
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stipation and diarrhoea are first observed. Later the evidences of anseraia
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valves have become incomj ctent from over stretching of the orifice or from
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The chest is the seat of a great deal of deformity. It is
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as regards developed fojtal tuberculosis and the presence of tubercle bacilli in
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noea is usually present and symptoms of shock such as pallor faintness
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obtained much more readily than to tracheotomy. The prospect of success is
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solution par. excellence a solution containing in addition to the sodium
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The general health is often impaired although there are no constitutional
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ered. Two similar cases have been encountered since one
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In persons who have been familiar with several languages it has occa
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of cough and expectoration slight displacement of the heart absence of inter
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The failure in connecting the symptoms of diabetic coma with the action of
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ration and destruction of the liver cells and are followed by the interstitial

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