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senile cataract either at the time of the extraction or by preference
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globe. There was a perfect cure of the local trouble and recovery
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larynx there occur attacks of extreme dyspnoea with cough and stertorous
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tnU rculo is in Ivmphatic glands joints and meninges without tuberculous
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studied by Osier having presented this endocardial complication. It may also
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D. equaled. The fellow eye which contained immature cataract
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niav be cavities formed by the dilatation of the bronchi.
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center are interrupted transcortical aphasia or if the path for the auditory
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tli gt devt IopnuMit of the thorax with characteristic deformities. The mucous
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measles or typhoid fever is the primary disease. Crouj ous pneumonia also
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Alt.pi The first which was most interesting on account of its
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in position for from half an liour to an hour according to the
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prognosis. In fatty heart some premonition may be given by the recurrence
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longed life. In most instances however the treatment is purely medicinal
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recognized. It has been experimentally proved that the introduction of lead
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Appendix V. Descriptions of Specimens added to the Museum 1890 91. By
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of Frankfurt A ienna and Milan is recommended as in every way
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The pain and vomiting niay resemble those occurring in the gastric crises
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Jaundice is usually slight often noticeable only in the conjunctivae and
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or practice of his Profession of an Apothecary and shall also at such
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found however that a unilateral injury of any part of the cerebellum almost
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brown and pigmented. They showed a collerette of epidermis
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C. S. Bull S gives a most interesting and careful clinical
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run down the nose into the throat. If it be swallowed
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alternations of cerebral excitement with depression of spirits irritability of
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sides of tlie tube perhaps even three or four times as much urine
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man s sore throat Chronic catarrh of the throat Pharyngitis sicca.

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