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arterial elasticity. The sphygmogram shows a gradual ascent with a broad top
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RiBlo Y Gali Federico of Madrid died Ist August 1902.
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acidity of the gastric juice is a comparatively common one. Hyperacidity may
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riMuains tixixl in the middle line during inspiration. The voice is sometimes
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of acute productive nephritis while in some the kidneys appear to be normal.
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tiary ulceration gummatous of the lids is more often met with in
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are lik those of lobar pneumonia but with some difference. The invasion
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one of the many indices of gradual loss of neural power. The
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a black precipitate masking the test for glucose. Assurance can be made
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Dilatation is apt to supervene upon hypertrophy because the hypertrophied
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by the variations sometimes occurring in the origins of tlie second
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bosis in different organs of the body. Epistaxis however is frequently ex
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the pupil symptom persisted the temperature varied be
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and the head be allowed to remain. The treatment may be considered successful
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the subcutaneous tissues and muscles and cause great muscular stiffness and
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ti.ssues surrounding the diseased veins. Troublesome eczematous conditions of
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pain in the side cough with mucous expectoration and marked prostration.
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distance from the heart increases. Over one half are found in the ascending
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the quantity that was absorbed during health. A corresponding reduction in
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