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uterus but the normal plication of the oesophageal mucous mem

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vessels of the neck. Sometimes the murmur is heard with greatest intensity

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The morbid process results in subperiosteal thickening which is most con

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persons interested has himself chosen and designated some medical

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antisepsis. Chiralt of Seville Spain corresponding editor.

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sets up a series of epileptic convulsions. A brachial

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In the recently reported cases the average results have been

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Speaking generally we are able to guess in any acute disease whether or

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recovery has often follow ed without further intervention. This palliative treat

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The treatment of duodenitis consists principally in the regulation of the

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Members present and submitted to the proper authority for sanction and ratification.

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College elected by the said Council and the said College is now regulated

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and no unpleasant effects noted beyond very slight vomiting easily

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syphilis of the parents could be elicited visceral lesions

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also favors the occurrence of cerebral hemorrhage. Atmospheric

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Perforation into the peritoneum is estimated by Brinton to occur in about 4

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It may be differentiated from the pneumonia bacillus by the fact

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adjacent loop or a contracting inflammatory exudate resulting especially from

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ensues. The mucous membrane of the intestine above the obstruction may

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children and reserves the latter for older children and adults in

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The symptoms of fatty degeneration of the myocardium are scarcely to be

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Symptomatolog y. The local conditions described above may be plainly

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minims 1.23 cubic centimetres tliree times a day was given for

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had passed through different portions of the cerebellum. In some patients

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confusion with pulmonic stenosis might arise but the murmur has not the

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anomalous shapes such as swellings varicosities pear shapes twists bends

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retention of food. Fermentation too takes place in the food thus accumulated

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bacteria in the stools has a very destructive effect upon the typhoid

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stomach in the pursuit of their trades and housemaids especially female

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structure. The condition which results when this exists congenitally or

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execution of voluntary muscular contractions by virtue of which these

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suppurating walls are formed. We have to become accustomed however to

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to extirpate the tonsil as far as possible in its entirety. 7. That

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veloped. Perhaps disease of the gyrus rectus at the base of the

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therefore called the trigeminal cough. This writer also exhibited

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the number of pulsations exhibits considerable variation. The prsecordial

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liver is an unimportant complication of this disease. An umbilical phlebitis

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when there is simply a carious process as both endo and peri

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of dislodging parts of the thrombus and causing sudden death. The limb

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tion of eczema and of impetigo apparently as a consequence of the similarity

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short duration and completeness of the paralysis and of the diffi

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have shown that when one examines a much impoverished blood such as is

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of medical science are here summed up systematically and

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Treatment. The affected part must be placed as nearly at rest as possible.

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For the cardiac condition itself digitalis in moderate doses is most service

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unnecessary excitement and if possible should be removed from his customary

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children should use disinfectant mouth washes. I think

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In cases in which the venous distention and thickening have become fully

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with mucus and may be ulcerated in places. Gangrene may result. The

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ing chronic progressive btilbar paralysis are wholly analogous

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