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Appendix XVI. Descriptions of Specimens added to the Museum 1901 1902.

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teristic symptoms. The reaction of the fluid is nearly neutral if the surface

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excitement and not influenced by the weather. The sputum is not copious

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known as purulent pleurisy or empyema and in the comparatively rare cases

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quantity of sugar. Beyond this the internal organs were normal.

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Water as a carrier of infection comes into question in temperate climates

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The examiners appointed by the Central Midwives Board will be

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view that death occurring after enucleation in such a case is due

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creatinin was always present until the seventeenth day in notable

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membrane of the large wind pipes and in that way with

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the membrane the apphcation of helenin which seems to have a

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ment of a small specific gravity bead in equilibrium in a liquid of

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describes an interesting ease of ditatation of the sphenoidal sinus

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increasing the field of vision and preventing the possibility of cal

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creatitis it seems desirable to consider each anatomical variety apart although

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difficulty. For several nights follo vin lt slie was delirious and was

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a long time an excess of 130. It is natural that a good

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the bulbar nuclei so called acute or apoplectic bulbar paralysis

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ing to induration of its substance. Like acute myocarditis it is usually

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in the ca. c of symptomatic anthrax and tetanus and particularly certain

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formation of the intra marginal incision. He always takes care to

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were 50 years younger did we not hear of dental paral

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pntrcscin but many arc innocuous. Mention has already been made of this

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catarrhal inflammation of the larynx and is usually also affected in bronchitis

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chief channels along which the infection is carried to the brain.

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which Marfan collected twelve instances in addition to his own case may

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is some evidence that germinal infection of fowls with tubercle bacilli occurs

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Htiology. Although the brain responds most delicately in

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College and of such ten persons one should be principal Master and two

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materially within a short time excessive exertion being a cause for a rapid

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Enrique Lopez y Vietia of Havana describes 4 cases of

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Chronic Tuberculosis of the Kidneys and the Bladder 491

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tendency to repeated attacks upon the slightest irritation so that the affection

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Obstetric emergencies and how the midwife should deal with

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more or less indirectly with the pre existence of rheumatic disease. The

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Ouchinsky to be of an albuminoid nature as it was contained in substances

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is but sluggish and meconium retained unusually long

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