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hagen and Brieger Apt 5 have studied 2 cases of cystinuria. The
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come quite difficult. Still there is a class of patients in
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Throughout the whole course of the case of acute intestinal obstruction it
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Leucin and Tyrosix. These two substances are considered together
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maybe developed and when cerebral embolism has supervened the occurrence of
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minute that had resisted other therapeutic attempts for several
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amination. In 2 cases of carcinoma incarcerated pieces of meat
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structed for the purpose of explaining the mechanism of the aphasic symp
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dation of circumscribed portions of the lung. The patients have no appetite
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the pupils being still dilated and vision not yet normal. Other
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tissue the ends refreshed and united. The operation was not followed
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introduction is sometiuu s increased susceptibility. There is a period of more
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in the negro than in the white and that the receding fore
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epithelium is usually flat and irregularly oval sometimes desquamation occurs
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late Congress of Otology and Laryngology claimed the priority of
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ally the affe lt ted joints become permanently crippled and deformed by persistent
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sublimate and ice spray 1 to 1000 local application with a
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the transplantation of mucous membrane and skin has been made
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which may be resistant and nodulated or smooth and fluctuant with rapid
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tissue the ends refreshed and united. The operation was not followed
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Just as there are mixed forms of leukemia however so the blood condition
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cious yellowish or brownish red nuicus with which some pus is at times
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necessary for the tuhe to remain in the larynx more than two or
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the border of the transparent cornea in order to avoid troublesome
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the lower and upper extremities. Many such cases of
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to fill up the defect the pictures of the latter never being seen
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of the newborn is by no means difficult. How they en
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the most common is sh ght intermission with inequahty of the successive beats
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spirochsete with long flexible corkscrew curves is now generally abandoned
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ting animals with the chemical bacterial products unless one chooses to
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For a similar reason the volatile fatty acids escape oxidation and they are.
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The gross appearance of the lungs will accordingly vary in different cases
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to abort the disease administered 1.0 1.25 grams the first
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tube. Cautious faradization of the interior of the oesophagus and remedies
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the excessive transformation of glycogen into glucose takes place in the muscles
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destitute of fsecal odor. In very severe cases they may much resemble the
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being required by the President or other person so presiding immediately withdraw
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are named by the experimenter micrococcus urince alMis m. urinoi
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present even when the leucocytes are not increased in number is well illustrated
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case of albuminuric hasmorrhagic retinitis occurring in a man of
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the lower margin of the cornea. He prefers the Veis knife
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relative hypertonicity that is excessive tonic state of certain groups of
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which way the bacillus enters is not entirely clear if it
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cauterization must be repeated depends upon the condition in each individual
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than at present. Indeed a London neurologist has gone so
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fluid passages which are sometimes very offensive and which may contain
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The same factors are responsible for the affection of speech its
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bid processes originate in the pharyngeal tonsil attention should
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thau during expiration. It may bo absent during the latter movement.
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with the establishment of the diagnosis. Until that time it consists merely in
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At times abortive apoplectic attacks occur transitory vertigo brief syn
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gradations of the transformation from myxoma to sarcoma. These
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nerves and blood vessels. It is often increased at night and either ceases
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man aged 22 years had suffered from fetid otorrhoea since his
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of the cases of intestinal obstruction exhibit severe enteralgia the result of
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quinine intravenously. On the 7th as there was no improvement he was
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bobvdiatc liaving all tlie oliaracteristics of grapo su lt jjar reducing
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born until after the first week of their lives. Its circula
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erudition I felt I could do no better than to refer the
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papilloma of tuberculous laryngitis may produce tuberculosis
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exposure. I append a typical experiment the technique employed being
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with typical leukaemia. The lymphatic glands at all points were
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treatment of any kind. Pian though closely resembling syphilis
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given when the heart power fails but too vigorous stimulation may result in
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useful in some cases. Where dilatation cannot be successfully employed and
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phobia giving way of the legs mild paraplegia without spas
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and the spinal cord traverse the medulla oblongata it is not sur
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Conjunctiva tuberculous disease of con Conjunctivitis chronic cotitwued.
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moderating the current by not raising the irrigator more
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direction of the curvatures depends on the influence of the
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but propeptone abundant pepsin and rennet are each much diminished A
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tions are obviously affected by unilateral cerebellar lesions are those which
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Paul Gibicr of Paris jj j read a preliminary paper on the

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