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secretion are drawn down deeply into the lungs and there set up inflammation
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which may contain a teaspoouful of salt or of borax to the pint.
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sium is often useful when diabetes is associated with diseases of the medulla
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manent and there is produced finally a general arterio sclerosis
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Three or four sittings per week will usually suffice. Hartman
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diverticulum is unfavorable unless the cause can be removed and even with
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tabilitv of the nuicous membrane with catarrhal and asthmatic manifestations
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perhaps calcified and encapsuled in dense fibrous tissue. The abscess may also
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ty of which is larger than it seems at first sight.
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able influence in the prevention of epilepsy. In the further
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directed to the cystitis. When the nephritis is once established we have no
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mucous membrane which is dry and glistening. But slight swelling occurs.
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Harris William James Bell street Shafteshiry Dorset

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