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Between June 1915 and March 1918 3G4 cases of injuries of the
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somewhat nasal. In the rheumatic form the pain in swallowing often seems
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I have however examined every modality of sensation in many cases
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White Frnnk Faulder Hertford place Coventry I Dec. 11 1890
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an excessive bronchial secretion. Forty eight hours before the
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removal of which exposes a smooth pale or more commonly an irritable
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Prognosis and Course The disease is subject to periods of exacerbation
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conditions. Not infrequently the occiput is slightly
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believing that the eye is usually aseptic and eye instruments fairly
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milk with four or five parts of water or rather of a thin
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occurs somewhat more commonly in male than in female children and certain
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ing point these disappeared as too upon the addition of a solution
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These ordinary surface bacteria cannot in health with intact skin and
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of the surface layers whence the necrosis extends inward. Other cases of
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tration of the subendothelial connective tissue with round cells and subsequent
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always understood. A case of probable diabetic conjunctivitis is
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volatile fatty acids are eliminated by the skin. Butyric acid and cholalic acid
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there quickly develops au intense cutting or boring pain which may be limited
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familiar. Disorders of the power of calculation have also been observed and
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that should be studied with greater persistency by those
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especially to putrid bodies then it may be inferred that the child
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Ludwig s case p of ocular traumatism with subsequent men
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many of them one of the forms of nephritis is very com
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dium but usually when endocarditis and pericarditis coexist they are both
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well dosed the whole season with quinine the blood tests showed by the
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figures in order show sections made between the two points. The
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agrees with Mibelli that it is possible to cultivate artificially a
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broke down and suppuration was present for a considerable time.
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ment regards it only more flivorably than when he first instituted it.
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Items are also rather less while there is a small increase as regards
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the Licence in Dental Surgery should be held quarterly as in the

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