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tion. 3. From a surgical and practical stand point although not

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It is generally agreed that the disease is of more common occurrence in

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eases appear to be the causes of nephritis which may be

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of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh are encouraged

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avoidance of ocular injury by study. A similar aim suggested

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sorbed is almost ideal in its effect. That is why in emer

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childhood are apparent in the deformities of the bony structures

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tics show that three fourths of such cases have been found to be

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the symptoms after their apparent subsidence is not uncommon as a conse

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edematous and stained slightly yellow so called lemon colored

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strated cocci not only in the kidneys but in the spleen liver

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treatment which will steady its action. Cold applied to the prsecordial region

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infected from the oral cavity. Indeed the lesions are met with only

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The onlv diaphoretics worth mentioning are pilocarpine subcutaneously

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disease in which the aspergillus fumigatus X was found in the

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I have observed them three quarters of an inch in diameter yellowish in

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cornea I then press out the lens with the tortoise shell spatula

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the rete were a few larger clusters of small round cells in the

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tonic and clonic spasms in different muscles of the body and extremities.

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thickened their cavities are filled with new connective tissue or with fibrin

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the author seem to liave ninde any culture ohservations u on the

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The recognition of goitre is usually easy and the condition is distinguished

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affection from bulimia since in this latter the patient has intense hunger and

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sulphate of soda sulphate of zinc arsenite of soda nitrate of

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brane. HajekB o.33 cites a case in which thorough scraping and

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could show that in formation of inflammatory corpuscles not only

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causes the lesions of chronic bronchitis and tuberculosis of the lungs especially

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Income Tax for the General Relief Branch for the year 1917.

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and diaphragm below with the transverse colon in front with the abdomi

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even where microscopical evidence pointed toward the malignancy

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