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segments become more and more rigid and calcareous projecting inward and

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special order must be obtained from the Conservator.

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case of the localization of the inflammation in other parts of tlic intestine

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that cases of undoubted tonsillar diphtheria are also occasionally met with that

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positively chemotactic substances so that we are not inclined to give decisive

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grouped under the toxalbumins are albumins. These amorphous toxic sub

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and this was at the very beginning of the treatment. Three ofticers of

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is superficial it need not interfere with the development

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with enlarged abdominal muscles the heart sounds may be readily heard with

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of mitral or aortic disease this involves the svstemic circulation and the emboli

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tole. Sometimes the distended cervical veins receive a communicated pulsation

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two younger brothers were also of very dark complexion. An

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the patient s attack of jaundice nearly twenty years previously.

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comes early and disappears quickly. Ekkert Mlj4bas recently studied

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having extended along the perforating vessels and through the

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bacillus and some other diseases have not generally been made under

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upon a specimen taken from a case of congenital optic atrophij the

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milky with little or no red tinge and occasionally apparently

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ries and from the basilar artery resulting from their union. The

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Distilled vinegar. Distill over a sand bath in glass

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to life is increased in the former by the lack of coagula

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the gastric functions. Death may occur during the course of these symptoms.

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blow lesion similar to that of the previous case and the treatment

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Catherine Schipiloff 17oce. h s reported an elaborate series of

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cent. of preventable blindness 84 from ophthalmia neonatorum i

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Diagnosis. Passive congestion of the liver is to be suspected with the

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congestion of the liver are found in infectious diseases especially in malaria

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deceptive a deposit of moisture on the glass being possible as the

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series merely a coincidence Is there some condition manifested

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