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branes after an unsuccessful attempt at respiration. Hoogeweg

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required by Section I. Clause 1 and must pass in both subjects together.

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true oligaemia. The total volume of blood mav be so much diminished and

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which in action they bear much resemblance. There is however little agree

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reasons it is readily overlooked and is generally thought to be an

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Symptomatolog y. Pain in the intestine is the principal symptom of

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be prodnceil as well by some suppuration external to the stomach perforating

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met with in young persons. The evidence in favor of congenital stenosis is

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Taenia solium and the Bothriocephalus latus which will require full descrip

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in the lungs disease of the branches of the vagus leading to a

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shall undergo but every fit and proper person having attained such age

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of incontinence. Children who pass urine while engaged

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may end in hsemorrhagic pancreatitis. The etiology of the two affections may

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may be made with difficulty and indeed may be impossible except by an

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such bacilli have been more frequently missed nnder these circumstances.

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The frequent occurrence of varicose veins in the broad ligament suggests

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indications for the medication by cocaine morphia atropia etc.

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days previously had been attacked by a petechial eruption culmi

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In the lobar pneumonia which accompanies epidemic influenza there is often

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ment and germination of spores arrangement of flagella.

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variations in the color of the stools depend upon the varying degrees of

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The invasion and progress of the disease are characterized by remarkable

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progressive and fatal antemia which cannot be distinguished clinically from the

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Tubercular laryngitis occurs later in the disease with chronic phthisis than

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changed into connective tissue. The pulmonary pleura may also be very

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depletion is of benefit effected by the true or artificial leech

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Symptoms. The principal symptoms exhibited by the patients are those

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immediate dangers the natural healing process is not dis

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although apparently without any relation spinal hyper emia and

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marked orange color with a slow li iuefaction of the gelatin. In

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nervous palpitation leads to hypertrophy. In these cases subjective sensa

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being able to swallow without any of the fluid passing into the

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name malignant seems preferable to the more commonly used one ulcerative

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from embolism but they have been sufficiently detailed. Pericarditis and

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operation lasted two hours. The auditory canal was now about

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Preysing s 197 cases. Perhaps the majority depend on

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or compression of the heart the pulse becomes extremely weak and irregular

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In hypertrophic rhinitis the main indications for treatment are two nasal

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extraction of irregular foreign bodies inasmuch as the position of

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dependent upon the dilatation of the right ventricle and the congestive enlarge

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the iris Avhere they are out of sight and out of reach.

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improved but the blood still showed subtertian rings although in diminished

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slightly viscid fluid. The duct was open from the duodenum to the cyst.

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appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Associa

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seems to have been due to injury to the pneumogastric nerve

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pericarditis 1 appendicitis 1 measles 3 malaria 1 loss of memory 1

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School for Nurses Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore Md. late Superin

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If pain be severe mustard plasters or turpentine stupes may be employed

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destruction of the oxalic acid that reaches or is formed within the tissues.

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beats being systolic or more frequently one systolic and the other diastolic.

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suggests also that sweating should not be regarded as a purely

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permit them to resume their functions. Among the indications for the imme

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racteristic friction sound. Friction fremitus is much less constant and distinc

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joints of the right hand and the right foot respectively were those

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far isolated making a list of forty one which is very valuable for

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File of the Auxiliary Royal Army Medical Corps were also made.

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necrosis of the drum membrane and of bones progress of

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Laboratory Royal Army Medical College it was shown that the meningo

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most important physiologically as well as pathologically. Its chemical formula

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Catherine Schipiloff 17oce. h s reported an elaborate series of

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cocytes d transitional forms e neutrophilic leucocytes with polymorphous nuclei jxilynuclear

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contracted and the optic nerve becomes paler than usual. The

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injuries or inflammation of the brain and spinal cord by surgical operations

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tinum the adjacent bones the oesophagus or even the abdominal organs as in

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