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tinuing to grow dilates the cranium until its dimensions are exaggerated out
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heart it may become quite feeble. The carotid vessels throb visibly and a
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from time to time often diminishing notably before death. On section the
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The deviation from the correct line of movement which is prominent
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was confessedly difficult and while in the hands of experts it
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but to the abandonment of the sclerotic incision for the low corneal
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there be no contra indications the operation should be done at the earliest
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admitted to re examination to produce a Certificate that he has received further
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were granted to the said College and alterations were made in certain of
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The symptoms of occlusion of the coronary arteries sometimes come on with
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patient is likely to recover but the suppurative process may continue and the
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ing pulverized ammonium sulphate to saturation and remove the
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nectiou with paroxysmal 1 Hemoglobinuria in a boy aged 5 years.
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ami the breast of chicken should be preferred until recovery is far advanced.

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