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fluence of the acid and urine. Rosenbach suggests that the urine be filtered

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Percussion. The extension of dulness to the right of the sternum and

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Physiology and its methods of investigation based upon Comparative and Patho

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of chronic interstitial nephritis. The presence of any other chronic lesion of

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biliary colic gall stones are the probable cause especially if the attacks are

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saccharine substances may favor the development of the disease.

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oblongata contains nerve centers controlling the secretion of saliva

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bounding such patients in consequence of their plethoric condition suffering

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foreign body presumably a thin piece of hard rubber measuring

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nervous manife.stations of improper cerebral circulation.

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the stools. Very rarely the abdominal wall has been perforated or fistulae

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A diverticulum 14 centimetres b inches in length at the top

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numerous amoebae of histolytica type. In the treatment of this class the best

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AYallenberg gives 4 instances of dermoid tumors the first

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brouirht about bv ajiomorphine is less likely to be attended by expulsion of

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The only special features of vermis affection that I have observed

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area and by careful physical examination of the heart. A sacculated pyo

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and occasionally vomiting takes place. The extremities become

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the membrana flaccida down to the promontory. There was no

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baby appeared to recover a little from the sudden shock of

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ing this case alludes to a similar case in his practice. Eulenstein

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ening of their epithelial layer which becomes stained a brown or black color.

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may be present from fatty degeneration of the cells of the cancer. Fibrous

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greater development. In addition there is a growth of the cells lining the

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