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Powerful corrosive liquids and impacted foreign bodies occasion more or less

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ragged cavities. These foci have a most offensive odor. The lung around

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Etiology. The anchylostomum does not pass one stage of its life in an

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and only the second son escaped. The third son died with it and

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uric acid test may become necessary to decide the diagnosis.

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and disturbances of rhythm may be ascribed to spasm of the

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of choroiditis and choroidal atrophy. The author admits that the

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hypermature cataract with a thickened or tough capsule he finds

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murs but it is usually impossible to distinguish this murmur from that of

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loss of blood. Under the heading of new growths may be included internal

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deposited they are waiting for their chance. Dusting

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motion at the humble Petition of the said Royal College have willed

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where the cancer has involved the posterior wall and has formed adhesions

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kind the infection takes place by a penetration of the bacilli through the

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