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with advantage particularly such as contain iron or arsenic and strychnine.

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children have epileptic parents. Whether and to what

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panied by a few coarse mucous rales. Retraction of the thorax scarcely occurs

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Pathology. The disease almost always attacks both the cheek and the ad

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first mentioned Charter or constituted such Members by Letters Testi tera Testhnonr.

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An exceptional variety of fibrous hepatitis is that to which the term

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morbid growtli but when the oesophagus was opened it was

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KrukoffjX t. tells us that in twelve years he has seen 1430

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mostly the whole subject is thoroughly treated in a classi

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definite predisposition or diathesis. The arthritic diathesis therefore consists

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As a rule they are strongly refractive. They occur singly or in

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quences as exhibited in somewhat advanced children these

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