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adhesions resulting from peritonitis are very common causes. Strangulation
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by the excessive cederaatous swelling erysipelatous inflammation results and
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The diagnosis of the exact cause of a gastric haemorrhage is more difficult.
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ing. This Committee shall transmit its report to the Secre
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Morbid Anatomy. The size of the heart is often decidedly diminished and
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and vagina show evidences of abnormal pigment deposition. The usual view
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facilitate this procedure the author has devised the instrument
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considerable number of the young officers who were granted permanent commissions last year
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phosphatic variety is dependent upon local causes usually of an inflammatory
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Brieger and Cohn have however succeeded in obtaining the poison in a
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fied by Loomis was first reduced with 1 drachm 4 grammes
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Chirurgical Society of Edinburgh Tukej stated that he was not
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tuberculosis than influenza. To close a school is unavailing
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Still another method of staining is recommended by Her
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Pontoppidan explains this by the possibility of an invasion by a
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Francis lluhhard jli.has dtmionstratc d the fact that it is often un
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rior parietal lobule of which gspm represents the supramarginal and go the angular
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cartilages of the first of the false and the last of
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and 3.83 litres 4 quarts from 1883 to 1887. Crimes increased
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that they can be preserved with a mixture of equal parts of alcohol
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capable of acting upon the reagent possibly some member of the
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grandmother all the cases showed evidences of rachitis.
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impending death are absent in these cases and in the latter the associated
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The salicylates rarely seem to exert any beneficial influence and care is
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From the points suggested by the study of these cases Brieger
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origin by reflex action. He recommends examination into the
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aphthae. Toward the close of wasting diseases such as phthisis or cancer and
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foreign body occupies the centre of one of these secretions.
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with serious difficulty. The condition is to be distinguished from laryngis
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lation. Two elements will then enter into the determination of the degree of
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of portions of the lungs and slight infectious indications enlarge
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Sometimes we may be unable to obtain a history of haemorrhage as in
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esijecially those accompanying measles whooping cough and some other dis
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and increased vascularity in the part. This is usually followed by a fall
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conjunctiva. When notably present it gives tints varying from bright sul
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