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in the lungs disease of the branches of the vagus leading to a

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undergo a hardening of their surrounding envelope which makes

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Second Enlarged German Edition with the author s permission by Francis

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Prognosis. The prognosis of primary acute fibrinous pleurisy is favorable.

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assistance to the sanitary officer in preparing lectures and giving instruction to

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remains in the still after distilling oil of turpen

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Medical Association nuich satisfaction was expressed as to the

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exhaustive descriptions of diseases with the newest facts as regards Causation

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red and was the seat of lancinating pains which prevented the

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luemorrhages of recent date but White believes that the molecular

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cases. Fibroid disease of the heart probably develops in many of these cases

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bowels can be well opened by a laxative. Nevertheless the diagnosis is often

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sults of the sudden changes from foetal to post natal circu

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Another question was tliat concci ning the responsibihty of

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highest degree of the process the congestion becomes stasis.

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Otherwise strict causal therapy should be enforced. In addition

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products of decomposition among them lactic butyric and acetic acids alcohol

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the veins may be found and large anastomoses are established between the

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turbances of the stomach the nephritis does not require active treatment the

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of understanding others through speech writing and gesture.

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mirror of the laryngoscope to which is attached by an arm 3 inches

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Of those acids which are not decomposed by oxidation during their pas

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Circumscribed hydatids might be mistaken for pleuritic effusion in which

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of the processes themselves assuming a hyaline appearance. The

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ing experiment. A cannula is inserted into each ureter of a healthy

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bo tliscontinuiHl immediately if the patient complains of uncomfortable fulness

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The remarkable fact that atonia as a symptom of cerebellar disease

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