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is of some interest in the etiology of tlie affection. Bastianellijj 2i

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The retroperitoneal and mesenteric in short any of the lymph glands of

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strength of the patient until the obstruction is relieved.

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In June of last year the Council received a Petition signed by a

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A sero fibrinous pleurisy may be coDverted into an empyema in consequence

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power to institute and hold Examinations for the purpose of testing the

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welUillustrated article on vices of conformation in the oesophagus

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competent. The complete absence of a valve has sometimes been discovered and

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the passage of micro organisms from mother to foetus. These conditions are

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cases it occupies partly the duodenum and partly the pylorus. In otlier

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largely and successfully employed. The second demonstrated in

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afterward set on foot the chronic sclerotic process Roy and Adami. Bright s

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discovered only on microscopic examination. Fatty granule cells

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indications to the use of medicinal antipyretics because of

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Aphasic disturbances are susceptible of improvement and occa

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Seiler lias devised a soothing and detergent solution which gives great

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accompanying dyspnoea is moderate though in the rare cases in which destruc

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solution. According to Wendringer a complete preservative fluid for dis

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