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toma as well as those which are benignant producing merely mechanical dis

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excrement of flies fed three and four days previously with cholera cultures

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but it may also in certain cases give rise to various modifications

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myocarditis. In such cases the cardiac impulse at first decided becomes more

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ever is floating in it will there be caught and infect the

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highly thought of by some physicians. All sorts of combinations of opium

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and the case of a lying in woman dead of septic pyaemia. It

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pathogenesis the majority of the cases speak in favor of the theory

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medulla oblongata in the vicinity of the facial nucleus while the trochlear

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former of these observers as allied to peptotoxin differs markedly

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The patient had been seen on several occasions since the operation. He

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the same bacteria in the pustules inoculation with pure cultures

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hyposthenia of certain muscles and hypersthenia of their antagonists.

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cotton or rubber. The latter will often effect improvement in

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face of the lids. He suggests that the cubebs act either directly

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spaces with a very considerable increase in the number of e ithelial cells

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Chronic srastritis mav result from interference with the circulation of the

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stant and is associated with more or less belching.

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class of infectious diseases now under consideration speak of the constant and

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Heddacus lsays that pupillary 9 eac io i divides itself into the

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lower lid was injected thickened and somewhat raised close to

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only to symptoms resulting from conditions within the car itself

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stances can often be precipitated with albuminous substances contained in

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before the strength is fully restored. There are but few complications among

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base their conclusions on the fact that when weights were simultaneously

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The symptoms of cerebral rheumatism difler very little from the ordi

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nephritis tuberculosis and the eruptive fevers. It may also rarely develop in

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organisms except as they may have been mechanically detached in acts of

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disease. Indeed I myself know of no instance where the Hendon

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bloody urine or of bloody urine alone are of not uncommon occurrence. Only

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about six months. The patient improved at first but later suf

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from one to four decigrams. All these doses however

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