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bronchi trachea larynx pharynx and nose. Tracheotomy was of

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T. H. Openshaw Consulting Surgeon to the Eastern Command for his

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Not infrequently in bad cases of rachitis and in those

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The symptoms are those of oppression of the heart and subsequently

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top Phaetons Broughams Road wagons Cut under Germantowns Vic

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has found the loss of carbon to be considerable. The sulphur

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represents that portion of the visual field which has good vision in

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in from twenty foiu to thirty six hours. The colonies have no very

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nor does he regard methylguanidine as likely present. Gautier

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Heidelberg Jena Kiel Konigsbeeg Leipzig Munich Strasbueg

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me turn to another subject in order to show that there

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and will lead to venal hypersemia in the foremost ciliary veins.

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cardia as well as of the occluding infiltrated places in the mucous

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assume the atrophic form a fact which emphasizes the importance of the

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nervous system from other causes the presence of phospliaturia

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cal properties of its light the ocular affection is that of a variety

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mentary changes shown in the annexed chromo lithograph.

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styptic and under the plaster superficial wounds heal antiseptically.

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changes in the rhythm and the frequency of the pulse and in the

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ratio of water and solids. These assertions are remarkable in spite

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and all loose pieces of bone which have not firm attachment to periosteum

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Bettremieux jj has made a change in the blade of the ordinary

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this category are to be referred those instances of bronchiectasis which are met

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Perhaps the most striking examples of this dyspnoea are in the patients in

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othci s vviM c important in showing that tricuspid stenosis frequently arises in

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on the meningococcus also on thirty minutes exposure.

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jacent gums. Occasionally only the cheek or only the gums are affected. Very

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sees the cases and is able to judge of them according to

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The treatment is that directed to the original disease. Galvanism may

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Schapringer 1 88 reports a case o intra ocular hcBmorrhage ivith

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from typhoid fever. These observations are very significant but their force is

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of ansemic bruits and pulmonic murmurs due to pressure from without makes

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of which were in any way satisfactory. Vossius at first considered

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